We Offer Only the Finest, Starting With Our Team

At MR HOSPITALITY, we know events. With experience spanning more than 20 years in hospitality, it is our pleasure to offer you the finest. To eliminate the stress that often comes with event planning, we offer comprehensive services ranging from event planning to food production, menu development and event design. We like to think of ourselves as experience designers, and we serve clients around the world.

Visionaries with expertise in the industry – meet the strategists of MR. HOSPITALITY.

Our collective of creative minds work in collaboration to turn concepts into immersive experiences. Fueled by talent and dedication, each team member plays a pivotal role in curating events that leave a lasting impact.

Mario Rivera


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Kristina Cubero

Senior Planner + Producer

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Richie Cardona

Chief Operations Manager

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Selina Feng

Creative Marketing Manager

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Kiara Herrera

Junior Planning Assistant

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JD Romero

Executive Assistant

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