Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – venue scouting is one of our services. We also have a couple venues partners we frequently work with here. We have preferred venue options to satisfy any style or preferences. Rooftops, outdoor gardens, landmark buildings, private event spaces, and other venues.

Once you’ve had a talk with your partner about your budget, determined how much time you have to dedicate to planning the wedding, and know your guest count – it would then be opportune to start considering hiring a wedding planner. 

Weddings can be overwhelming. There are multiple moving parts and it’s a significant investment for any couple. Just like any big life decision, having guidance along the way will be advantageous. With consultation from a professional, couples can save time, money, and stress.

Yes. Domestic and International.

Absolutely! Love has no boundaries. We’re committed to celebrating love in all of its forms and treat our couples equally regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, or ethnicity.

Planning an event should be an enjoyable experience. With more time you will have more options you can explore, make better decisions, and be better prepared for the event. Time is of the essence! 

Although we have a list of preferred venues and vendors we love working with – we are more than happy to work with any event space or vendor you already have in mind if they meet industry standard capabilities. We’ve done many collaborations in the past and we’re capable of managing multiple vendors.

Planning. Venue Scouting. Production. Catering. Decor. Rentals. Staffing. Vendor Management. Entertainment Scouting. 

We offer a range of services at competitive prices under our company. For large scale events we partner with New York City’s notable vendors and suppliers to allow our team to focus on the big picture.

Please view our health and safety policies here

Professionalism. Clients will eventually need advice or consultation and we know the industry, so we can manage their expectations, stay within budget, and guide them into making the best decisions for the event.

Yes – venue scouting is one of our services. We also have a couple venues partners we frequently work with here.

Glad you asked! You can view our most recent work in our Events Gallery. We’re also on The Vendry and PartySlate.

An event planner helps you develop and create your event vision when you start working with them. They will assist you in creating deadlines and get organized. It starts from the idea leading you to the day of. 

Event producers help you execute the event. They book and coordinate with the vendors to produce the event on behalf of the client. This also includes marketing, promoting, venue scouting, managing vendors, and handling production staff.

Overall message: We provide a la carte service options to help clients at any stage of their event.

Submit an inquiry form, email us or schedule a call with us. We would love to hear from you!

Full Service Planning. Partial Planning. Day of Coordination.

Submit an inquiry form for a complimentary consultation. Once we’re in contact with you, we’ll discuss your wedding needs to determine what your options are.

Glad you asked! You can view our most recent work in our Weddings Gallery . We’re also on The Knot and Zola.